Carol Tour 2016

Total Collected £4,225.36 Back to summary -->
Less Expenses £639.93
Net Total £3,585.43  

Touring Collections

Date Route Driver Start Collectors 2015 2016
Tue 6th St Mary's Road
St Johns Road
Park Road
Westgate Road
Cyprus Road
Edward Vinsen Drive
Jim Young Top of St. Mary's Road

Ken Neame
​Ruth Carlisle
David Goldfinch
Rachel Holliday
Peter Flower

£444 £427
Wed 7th Kings Road
Plantation Road
Saxon Road
Athelstan Road
Upper St. Ann's Road
Ethelbert Road
Martyn Reeves Kings Rd / School Road

Earle Smith
Scott Reeve
Rob Ellingham
Miles Lemon
Rachel Holliday
Duncan Holliday

£429 £437
Thu 8th Stonebridge Way
Beech Road
Lower Road
Duncan Holliday Stonebridge Pond Geoff Wade
Ruth Carlisle
David Goldfinch
Rachel Holliday
Ted Davis
Cindy Davis
Ted Wilcox
£348 £341
Fri 9th Alexander Drive
Admiralty Way
The Lees
The Knole
Hazebrouck Road
Martyn Reeves Alexander Drive Rob Ellingham
​Peter Flower
Ted Wilcox
Mike Hoey
Sue Hoey
Earle Smith
£378 £447
Mon 12th Abbey Fields
Millfield Estate
Whitstable Road
Love Lane Estate
Martyn Reeves Abbeyfields Road Mike Hoey
Sue Hoey
​Doug Rogers
Ted Davis
Cindy Davis
Rachel Holliday
£328 £323
Tue 13th Kingsnorth Road
Edith Road
St Catherines Drive
Preston Park
Martyn Reeves Kingsnorth Road / Athelstan Road Ken Neame
​Ruth Carlisle
David Goldfinch
Scott Reeve
Ted David
Cindy Davis
£285 £359
Wed 14th Preston Avenue
Makenade Road
Bramley Avenue
Hilton Close
Alan Hopkins Top of Preston Avenue

Sue Hoey
​Doug Rogers
John Griffin
Diane Griffin
Miles Lemon
Ted Davis
Cindy Davis

£355 £378
Thu 15th Wells Way
Churchill Way
Wildish Road
Hazebrouck Road
Duncan Holliday Everard Way Mike Hoey
Sue Hoey
​Earle Smith
Scott Reeve
Duncan Holliday
£275 £291
Fri 16th Priory Road
Priory Row
North Preston
The Brents
Abbey Street
Alan Hopkins Priory Road Rob Ellingham
​Catherine Russell
Howard Russell
Scott Reeve
£365 £309

Static Collections

Date Location Siting/Refuel/Collect 09:00-11:00 11:00-13:00 13:00-15:00 15:00-17:00 2015 2016
Sat 10th Tesco (S) Martyn
John B
Mike   £554 £429
Sat 17th Tesco (S) 
(C) Martyn
John B

John G

David KM
£277(1) £484.36
Fri Morrisons NO COLLECTION 2016 (for comparison only) £265 n/a
Fri Tesco
NO COLLECTION 2016 (for comparison only) £401


(1) 2015 - Market collection. Includes a donation of £100 from Faversham Market Traders.

Van hire - £583.94
Van fuel - £45.03
Generator fuel - £10.96