Friends of Rotary

We recognise that not everyone is able to become a member of the Rotary Club. So for those who share our ideals and would like to maintain some connection with the local community we offer the opportunity to become a “Friend” of Faversham Rotary.

Now it’s even easier to become involved with your local Rotary Club.

Becoming a Friend

Becoming a Friend of the Faversham Rotary Club allows those who share our ideals and objectives to participate in our activities without the responsibility of full membership. Being a Friend of the Faversham Rotary Club allows you to help in local fund raising by participating in club events or by making annual donations. Some club events are not specifically for fund raising but for socialising – Rotarians call this fellowship, an opportunity to enjoy activities and each others company, catch up with old friends and make or develop new ones.

What's involved?

As a Friend you will be kept abreast of club events and will be invited to participate or contribute to Rotary activities which may simply be by giving some of your time. There is no minimum level of financial or time contribution. Any support is always appreciated in helping us help the community.

If you are interested in becoming a Friend of the Rotary Club of Faversham simply contact us.